Constructing the Meaning of the Environmental Care: A Case Study
in Secondary Education

Every time becomes more evident that the greater problems of our time cannot be understood separately. The increasing changes in the surroundings, as well as in the society, are taking to see the necessity to jointly have a transformation of values, nonsingle by the ecological good, but by the one of the same humanity.

In the present investigation the conceptions that have the students of secondary approaches del environment and its deterioration, like the perception of educational in relation with their performance in the formation in values and attitudes in the secondary education are identified thus, with the aim to contribute to a change of attitudes that foment the care del surroundings and, by, to elevate the levels of the quality of life.

For the data collection the natural semantic networks and the semistructured interview were used, the first instrument provided the approach towards the joint of the meaning constructed by the students in relation to the environmental deterioration, whereas the interview allowed the evaluation of the educational perspective in the boarding of this cognitive dimension in the educative process.

Key words

Environmental education, ecology, secondary education, education in values.

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