Equality and Social Inclusion: Educational Challenges for Today’s Schools

This document was born from the “Factors for failure and/or success in implementing a ‘Primary school Gestation’ project”, developed after a study of six Mexican schools.

This paper analyses what makes it easier or more difficult for schools to implement a school project in Mexican primary schools. There was also an emphasis made in evaluating the role of the principal and his academic leadership; the degree of intervention by zone supervisors in favor of the school’s project; teachers and the Collective Technical Group; authority participation; intervention by assessment groups; a voluntary participation in the Project, and the causes why said project was abandoned.

Key words

Basic education, educational management, schools principals, Mexico.

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Camarillo, J.P. (2006). Factores de Éxito y/o Fracaso en la Implementacion del Proyecto "La Gestión En La Escuela Primaria". Revista Electrónica Iberoamericana sobre Calidad, Eficacia y Cambio en Educación, 4(3), pp. 84-107.
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