Reading Abilities Developed by the Pupils of the Municipal Schools of Rio De Janeiro:
a Study from the Data of the Research GERES - 2005

The article describes, in few words, the GERES Project and its methodology. It points out the importance and adaptation of the longitudinal modeling to check the “attached value” and the effects of the school establishments’ interventions in the apprenticeship of the students. Next, based on the measures of proficiency in reading, which was obtained by the research made in the beginning and in the end of 2005, a scale of proficiency is built in order to orientate, whenever interpreted qualitatively, the characterization of different levels of apprenticeship in the above-mentioned area, which gives a pedagogic sense to the scale. Subsequently, the results founded regarding to the skills conquered in reading by the intermediary year students of the cycle of formation at the municipal net schools of Rio de Janeiro are presented. It’s perfectly possible to notice the significant increase of the middle apprenticeship presented by the students who are participating in this study, which contradicts a recurrent hypothesis in the educational environment that claims that the failure identified in the initial series of the Basic Teaching would have originated during the process of literacy.

Key words

Evaluation, reading, longitudinal study, value-added

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Gasóliz, L.H. (2007). As Habilidades em Leitura Desenvolvidas pelos Alunos das Escolas Municipais do Rio de Janeiro: um Estudo a Partir dos Dados da Pesquisa GERES - 2005. Revista Electrónica Iberoamericana sobre Calidad, Eficacia y Cambio en Educación, 5(2e), pp. 183-198. Cited (Date).