3EM – School Effectiveness in Teaching Mathematics, an Investigative Project

The School Effectiveness in Teaching Mathematics investigative project (3EM) has a principal objective the estimation of the school-effect and the identification of intra-school factors that contribute towards the betterment in quality of the education, in terms of the school’s outcome in Mathematics, and the teaching-learning process. The purpose of this article is centered in the presentation and divulgement of the 3M project, ongoing since October 2004.

This article presents the method of the project, specifically the sampling plan, applied instruments for data recollection and longitudinal characterization of the study. A descriptive analysis concerning personal characteristics (sex, school history and schooling level of the people in charge of the educative process) and teachers will also be presented. Teacher characterization was made with variables such as: sex, age, schooling level and teaching experience.

Key words

School effectiveness, teaching mathematics, school effect, intra-school factor

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Dias, V.M., Navio, V.M. y Ferrão, M.E. (2008). 3EM – Eficácia Escolar no Ensino da Matemática, Um Projecto de Investigação. Revista Electrónica Iberoamericana sobre Calidad, Eficacia y Cambio en Educación, 6(1), pp. 42-57.
http://www.rinace.net/arts/vol6num1/art3.pdf. Cited (Date).