Perception and Valuation of Educational Quality of Students and Parents in
14 schools in the Santiago de Chile Metropolitan Region

The present article focuses in one of the central topic in our contry, Quality and Education Evaluation; and is part of the Defense of Advanced Studies (DEA-2004) regarding the perception and assessment of students and families in 14 schools located in Santigo de Chile parting from the application of a questionnaire designed by the Education Consulting Institute (IDEA).

It identifies 7 quality measuring factors. Said study variables refer to a socio-cultural context, size and dependency of the school, genre, educational level, age and Family and Student course respectively. It must be pointed out that students highlight the valuation of classmate relations and the attitudes of teachers in charge and families, the attention received from teachers in charge and the communication with the school.

Key words

Educational quality, evaluation, valuation of parents and students, Santiago of Chile.

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Palma, E. (2008). Percepción y Valoración de la Calidad Educativa de Alumnos y Padres en 14 Centros Escolares de la Región Metropolitana de Santiago de Chile. Revista Electrónica Iberoamericana sobre Calidad, Eficacia y Cambio en Educación, 6(1), pp. 85-103. Cited (Date).