Science and Technology Preconceptions of High School Level Teachers:
An Empirical Study in the State of Guanajato

This article presents an empirical research about science teachers in High school. Nowadays many teachers have the wrong idea about what science and technology are. Some of them think that science is an infallible and finished knowledge; some others conceive it as a non-historical and non-problematic matter, or even is it thought as an elitist activity.

The purpose of this work is to know what pre-conceptions about science and technology high school teachers from Guanajuato, Mexico have, in order to make a contribution to sciences and technology education.

Key words

Teaching sciences, pre-conceptions about science and technology, teachers, STS.

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Rebollo, J.L. (2008). Preconcepciones de Ciencia y Tecnología en los Profesores de Bachillerato: Un estudio Empírico en el Estado de Guanajuato. Revista Electrónica Iberoamericana sobre Calidad, Eficacia y Cambio en Educación, 6(1), pp. 119-133. Cited (Date).