Social Representations about Masculinity of Pedagogic Students,
in an Initial Teaching Formation Context

The Initial Educational Formation is framed in a plan of strategic development, that it fortifies status of the profession and the levels of qualification of his actors’ protagonist. Although, in Chile deep changes in the educative policies are demonstrated, persist naked critical in the initial formation and continues of the teaching staff. The formation personal, academic, professional and social that “invisibiliza” the representacionales operations associated to the sort relations, and the identitarias experiences relative to the sexual difference, of the teacher an teacher education, students of pedagogy and teacher in exercise.

This document presents/displays the social representations on explanatory masculine of the students of pedagogy on sex, body and masculine sexuality, and the cultural patterns that condition their behaviours. These findings of investigation constitute an extract of the Thesis of Master in Studies of Sort and Culture mention Humanities, "Social representations on masculine, feminine, heterosexual and homosexual of the students of pedagogy, in the contexts of Initial Educational Formation", presented/displayed year 2007, in the University of Chile.

Key words

initial teacher training, system sex-gender.

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Lizana, V.A. (2008). Representaciones Sociales sobre Masculinidad de los/las Estudiantes de Pedagogía, en los Contextos de Formación Docente Inicial. Revista Electrónica Iberoamericana sobre Calidad, Eficacia y Cambio en Educación, 6(1), pp. 134-153. Cited (Date).