F. Javier Murillo

"Don't Know" and "No Opinion" Responses: What They Mean, Why They Occur, and How to Discourage Them, por Jon A. Krosnick

Basics of Developing Questionnaires, por Carter McNamara

Coding Techniques

Constructing a Questionnaire

Designing a Questionnaire

Formatting a Mail Questionnaire

Guide To The Design Of Questionnaires

How Long Should a Mail Questionnaire Be?

How to Conduct Pretesting

Influence of Type of Question on Skip Pattern Compliance in Self-Administered Ques-tionnaires, por Don A. Dilman and others

Institute for Research in Social Science Public Opinion Poll Question Database

Leading Questions

Little Things Matter: A Sampler of How Differences in Questionnaire Format Can Af-fect Survey Responses

Making Visible the Invisible: An Experiment with Skip Instructions on Paper Question-naires, por Cleo D. Redline and others

Minimizing Non-Respoinse in a Mail Survey

Open and Closed Questions

Overcoming the Problems of Special Interviews on Sensitive Topics: Computer Assisted Self-interviewing Tailored for Special Populations, por Edith de Leeuw y otros

Principles of Questionnaire Construction

Question Construction and Questionnaire Design, por John Kennedy

Questionnaire Design and Surveys Sampling, por Hossein Arsham

Questionnaire Design

Questionnaire Design: A Practical Introduction, por Noel Wilson and Sally McClean

Questionnaires & Survey Design


Response Effects in Surveys on Children and Adolescents: The Effect of Number of Re-sponse Options, Negative Wording, and Neutral Mid-Point , por Natacha Borgersci and oithers

Statistics Canada -- Questionnaires

Statpac. Designing Surveys and Questionnaires Tutorial

Survey Design Considerations: Recommendations for Writing Effective Questionnaires

Survey Questionnaire Construction

The Best Questions to Ask, por John Fitgerald

The Effect of Question Tone on Responses to Open-Ended Questions

The Exploratory Open-ended Survey Question, por Jonathan E. Brill

The Question Bank

The Questionnaire

Using Reinterview Methods to Design and Evaluate Survey Questions, por Jeremy Mor-ton and others