REICE 2013 - Volumen 11, Número 1
Integration of Subsystems of the Organizational Structure
of the University Institutes Venezolanos
The present study aimed to characterize the sub-component systems of the organizational structure of the university institutes Venezuelans. The study is an investigation of descriptive character field with a non-experimental cross. The study population consisted of a set of 746 research subjects consisting of two (02) directors, two (02) academic assistant, two (02) administrative assistant principals and 740 teachers. For teachers stratum population census was used to being comprised of eighty-eight (88) teachers of technical institutes of Cabimas and Maracaibo. The collection technique used was the survey using a questionnaire consisting of 15 items validated by 5 experts with a reliability (α) of 0.93 Cronbach. The technique of data analysis was the percentage frequency distribution. The results indicate that ideological sub-systems, organic-structural, technological, psycho-social and policy are not integrated in the institutions studied. Recommended for unification, implement a structured migration strategy toward the implementation of a matrix type also must make corrections in improving behavioral patterns to make them more consistent with the structure and processes.
Key words
Sub-systems, integration, organizational structure, university institutes.
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Pertuz, R.A. (2013). Integración de los Sub-sistemas de la Estructura Organizacional de los Institutos Universitarios Venezolanos. REICE. Revista Iberoamericana sobre Calidad, Eficacia y Cambio en Educación, 11(1), 6-19.
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