REICE 2013 - Volumen 11, Número 1
Analysis of Teachers' Knowledge and Opinions About Integral
Educational Reform of Basic Education
Integral Educational Reform was conceptualized as a new education policy that seeks competency-based training. Although already introduced, there have been no studies to determine the knowledge and opinions of teachers about it. Therefore, we conducted a qualitative study analyzing the speech of a group of teachers. We found that expert teachers expressed more technical and less diversified compared to non-expert teachers. However, both groups expressed doubts about how we have proceeded to transfer the information from decision makers in the SEP to teachers that implement it, also expressed uncertainty about the viability of the same. We conclude that further studies are necessary to enable an assessment of the knowledge and practices of teachers in relation to the reform.
Key words
Reform, speech skills, competencies, assessment, ATLAS.ti.
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Salinas-Pérez, V.E., Andrade-Vega, M., Sánchez-García, R. y Velasco-Arellanes, F.J. (2013). Análisis de los Conocimientos y Opiniones de Profesores Sobre la Reforma Integral Educativa de la Educación Básica. REICE. Revista Iberoamericana sobre Calidad, Eficacia y Cambio en Educación, 11(1), 92-103.
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