REICE 2014 - Volume 12, No 3
Impact of the Assessment and Diagnosis Test in public schools in the province of Granada (Andalusia). The perspective of the educational actors

The "improvement and quality movement of the education system" (LOE, 2006) enable the application of the evaluation and diagnostic tests (EDT) on Andalusia schools. International research shows the effects in the school when applied external evaluation. The need for empirical evidence (qualitative) in the Andalusia context promotes the objective of the study: analyze the perceptions of the educational stakeholders about the impact of the EDT in schools. The research was carried out in six public elementary schools in the province of Granada (Andalusia) differentiated geographically and by type of students. Qualitative methodology and "content analysis" was used to reduce the data. The results reflect the emerging categories. Index of categorical frequency (ICF) showed that the effect of diagnosis increases while the typology of the center decreases. It also allowed organized the sub-categories in relation to their degree of impact.

Key words
School organization, External evaluation, Teachers, Educational diagnosis.
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Ritacco, M. (2014). Impacto de la evaluación externa en los centros educativos públicos de la provincia de Granada (Andalucía). La perspectiva de los actores educativos. REICE. Revista Iberoamericana sobre Calidad, Eficacia y Cambio en Educación, 12(3), 5-25.
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