REICE 2015 - Volume 13, No 2
Study of Student Satisfaction with the Educational Services to Universities of the Toluca Valley

One of the most important aspects for qualify the quality of the organizations is evaluate the users satisfaction. Students are the main users of the Universities, for this reason they will be able to better assess the quality of educational services. It was designed and tested an instrument measuring student satisfaction was applied to various university institutions of higher Toluca Valley both public and private sources Education. Based on a Likert scale students rated aspects concerning curriculum, teaching skills of teachers, teaching methods and evaluation, student self level, Support Services, Administrative Services, Enabling Environment and Infrastructure. As a result we conclude that the variables, which are the most satisfied by the students, are: Skill Teaching and Teachers' level of self-realization of Students. Instead variables, and Administrative Services Infrastructure were the most inferior satisfaction. The chi-square test confirms significant differences between public and private universities, all of the differences will present in this research report.

Key words
Student satisfaction, Educational services, Public universities, Private universities, Educational quality.
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Álvarez Botello, J., Chaparro Salinas, E.M., & Reyes Pérez, D.E. (2015). Estudio de la satisfacción de los estudiantes con los servicios educativos brindados por Instituciones de Educación Superior del Valle de Toluca. REICE. Revista Iberoamericana sobre Calidad, Eficacia y Cambio en Educación, 13(2), 5-26.
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