REICE 2015 - Volume 13, No 2
Evaluation of Virtual Platform EPIC Learning Management System according to Technology Quality and Usability Standards

This research paper approaches the assessment of the EPIC LMS platform according to technology quality and usability standards. The tool used for the qualitative evaluation of the Virtual Learning Environment is LORI, the Learning Object Review Instrument. This instruments allows the measurement of the variables or indicators of the quality and usability of a virtual platform, where the user assigned a value rate according to their experience. Interviews and observations were also used as data collection instruments. The conclusion lists each variable and the value obtained, showing the need to implement strategies to improve the current version, making focus on incorporating resources and activities to promote communication and interaction between users. That is the approach from where all recommendations are made; a place for communication is of the upmost importance for the teaching-learning instance.

Key words
Learning, Evaluation, Virtual platform, E-learning, Virtual classroom, Virtual learning.
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Vigo Montero, M., Gómez Zermeño, M.G., & Ábrego Tijerina, R.F. (2015). Sistema de Gestión de Aprendizaje según estándares de calidad tecnológica y usabilidad. REICE. Revista Iberoamericana sobre Calidad, Eficacia y Cambio en Educación, 13(2), 51-65.
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