REICE 2015 - Volume 13, No 4
Inspection of Education in Spain: Current Policy Context, Organizational and Functional

The article aims to analyze and justify the Inspectorate of Education in Spain, in the current regulatory, organizational and functional context, without forgetting in his introduction, its origins and historical background coming. We analyze in detail the current regulatory, legal and regulatory framework, both the basic character and specific developed so far by his ministry of education and the autonomous communities. Describe the basic functions and specific powers of the Inspectorate, its components and access agendas Inspectorate of Education and the access procedure, differing in detail the requirements, the competition phase and opposition. The organization and dependence within the organizational structure of Educational Administration, along with the changing role of inspection, complete article content, having informative value to faculty members of the school community, aspiring to access the inspection and non-teachers to present the operation and organization of the inspection function in the educational system.

Key words
Educational administration, Educational inspection, School inspection, School supervision, Educational supervision.
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Berengueras Pont, M.M. y Vera Mur, J.M. (2015). La inspección de educación en España: actual contexto normativo, organizativo y funcional.REICE. Revista Iberoamericana sobre Calidad, Eficacia y Cambio en Educación, 13(4), 113-129.
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