REICE 2018 - Volume 16, No 1
Practical and Functional Principles in Situations of Death and Mourning for Professionals of Education

Currently, society is experiencing a regression on the conception of death. The idea of dying is associated with fear, sadness and anguish. This contribution provides education professionals with a series of guidelines to accompany children and adolescents in the processes of death and grief. It is committed to the inclusion of death in the school curriculum as an axis for the teaching of values and the normalization of death as a fact that is part of life. The method used to carry out the extensive bibliographic search has been, mainly, the search and follow-up of the subject matter that occupies us in different national and international databases. In this way, the method used to analyse the bibliographical references found was mainly: the suitability of the subject, the quality of the journal, the year of publication and the importance of authorship. The ultimate purpose of this study is to conceive and treat death and grief from the systematic perspective that pedagogical intervention provides, far from the processes of improvisation. It is important to note that this document does not intend to be a generalization, but rather that each education professional who wants to carry out a death pedagogy (be it preventive, palliative or both), must take the context into account. Likewise, the prospective of the future of the pedagogy of death is very positive, since it is an emerging and necessary subject in the pedagogical field.

Key words
Education; Death; Training; Teachers; Educational innovations.
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Ramos-Pla, A, Gairín, J., & Camats, R. (2018). Principios prácticos y funcionales en situaciones de muerte y duelo para profesionales de la educación. [Practical and functional principles in situations of death and mourning for professionals of education]. REICE. Revista Iberoamericana sobre Calidad, Eficacia y Cambio en Educación, 16(1), 21-33.