REICE 2018 - Volume 16, No 1
The Leadership for School Improvement and Social Justice. A case Study in Secondary Education School

This research is a case study of a compulsory secondary education center, the same objective is pursued as the project of which it is part that is: to know the successful practices of leadership for the improvement of academic results. The case study has been used as a methodology and the interview and the review of documents as research instruments. The results obtained are focused on highlighting the characteristics and successful leadership strategies to achieve good academic results. The results indicate that the director develops a distributed and participative leadership, underlining the characteristics related to his character, training, capacity for improvement, of developing a favorable environment towards work both for students and teachers, to share a clear vision and to do this, work in a joint way with the educational community (students, teachers, families, etc.). The conclusions obtained are related to the results of the ISSPP project, related to: the personalization of the learning experience, the collaborative work of the teachers, the feedback of the educational community for the improvement of the school, among others.

Key words
Leadership; School principal; Improvement; Social justice; School.
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Martínez-Valdivia, E., García-Martínez, I., & Higueras-Rodríguez, M. L. (2018). El liderazgo para la mejora escolar y la justicia social. Un estudio de caso sobre un centro de educación secundaria obligatoria. [The leadership for school improvement and social justice. A case study in secondary education school]. REICE. Revista Iberoamericana sobre Calidad, Eficacia y Cambio en Educación, 16(1), 35-51.