The State Role and External Agents in Schools Improvement:
Analysis around the Chilean Experience

This work describes the evaluation of school improvement policies in Chile and analyzes the importance that has been acquiring in Chile the services of Educative Technical Attendance (ETA), like resource and component of the educative reform in that country. It leaves in evidence that ETA has been taking a relevance and increasing institutionalization in the Chilean educative system, which defies strongly to the policies, that must take care of the regulation of these services, and the development of a sufficient and effective supply in the direction of the demand that these services make the schools and their sostenedores (administrators).

Key words

Educative improvement, technical assistance, external agents, State role.

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Muñoz, G. y Vanni, X. (2008). Rol del Estado y de Agentes Externos en el Mejoramiento de las Escuelas: Análisis en torno a la Experiencia Chilena. REICE. Revista Iberoamericana sobre Calidad, Eficacia y Cambio en Educación, 6(4), pp. 47-68. Cited (Date).