The State’s Role in the Efficiency and Improvement of Education, on the Road to Ideological Imposition?

Nowadays we find a large number of reforms and methods in search of quality at education centers. We find a wide range of experiences that go in line with the formation, evaluation and certification of said centers, these experiences are not exclusive to some countries or continents, they have permeated all over the world. This article presents a discussion on the change process that we think must be related to this accentuating trend. Besides presenting context, which explains the emergency of said interest, a line towards the concept of the educational system regulation is drawn, making a distinction to, at least, two sides of it. One side is tied to de direct acting of the state and related to the internal actions taken by educational organizations, this allows us to conclude that we are presented with a with a state driven ideology. The article is divided into four parts, an introduction that relates the general idea of the text, an general context in which the discussion is centered, an specific context in which the view is limited and highlights the key elements of the problem, and a thesis on the discussion.

Key words

Evaluation, normative regulation, systematic regulation, teaching, state, norm.

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Duran, D. (2008). El Rol del Estado en la Eficacia y Mejora de la Educación: ¿Hacia una Imposición Ideológica?. REICE. Revista Iberoamericana sobre Calidad, Eficacia y Cambio en Educación, 6(4), pp. 69-79. Cited (Date).