The Invisible Relationship Between Initial Teacher Formation Contexts:
The Professional Identity from a Gender Perspective

In the international and national context a preoccupation by the Initial Educational Formation is demonstrated, since it conditions status of the professional exercise, the levels of qualification of his actors’ protagonists and the degrees of implementation of the educative reforms. For this reason, in the last decade a significant and substantive improvement in the lines of formation is appraised, curricular approaches and profiles of debit of the pedagogical races. Nevertheless, these maintain a relation “invisibilizada” with the sort perspective, those that explicit and implicitly permean the representations operations and identities experiences of teachers of educational and students of pedagogy. Although, personal, academic, professional and social the formation is described of general, neutral and independent way, as much its knowledge, competitions and attitudes, like its spaces, cultural scopes of action and products, are it jeopardize with the symbolic, normative and economic logic of the sort.

Key words

Initial Educational formation, professional identity, sort.

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Lizana, V. (2009). Una Relación Invisibilizada en los Contextos de Formación Docente Inicial: la Identidad Profesional desde una Perspectiva de Género. REICE. Revista Iberoamericana sobre Calidad, Eficacia y Cambio en Educación, 7(3), pp. 69-81. Cited (Date).