REICE. Ibero-American Journal on Quality, Effectiveness and Change in Education is an academic publication peer-reviewed and edited by the Autonomous University of Madrid and the Iberoamerican School Effectiveness and Improvement Research Network (RINACE).

It publishes unpublished and original papers that deal with advances in knowledge on Quality and Equity in Education, School Effectiveness and Improvement, Educational Leadership, School Effectiveness and Improvement, and Educational Innovation, Change and Reform, approached from diverse disciplines such as Pedagogy, Sociology, Political Science, Economics or Cultural Studies.


Director of REICE shall assume the functions of Coordinator of the Iberoamerican School Effectiveness and Improvement Research Network (RINACE). His main responsibilities are:

  • The general coordination of the Journal, the Executive Board, and the Scientific Committee.
  • Hiring, supervising and evaluating the person dedicated to the edition of the Journal.
  • Ensuring the quality of the Journal and its sustainability.

The Editor will have an important background of knowledge and experience in editing, as well as solid expertise in the scientific, social and educational fields. The Editor will be reporting directly to the Director of the Journal. Her main responsibilities are:

  • Edit and produce the Journal.
  • Take the file and correspondence of the Journal.
  • Keep the design of the Journal updated.
  • Send to the experts who will collaborate with the revision of the originals the corresponding materials and communicate their resolution to the authorship of the original.
  • Maintain contacts with the authors.
  • Prepare the annual report of the Journal.
  • Prepare the annual list of expert reviewers who have collaborated in the review of the articles.

The Executive Board will be made up by National Coordinators of RINACE. Their main responsibilities are:

  • Making recommendations for the editing politics of the Journal.
  • Planning the annual issues of the Journal.
  • Reviewing and defining the editorial criteria.
  • Linking the Journal and the research groups within their countries.

The Scientific Committee will be made up by prestigious researchers in the educational field. Their main responsibilities are:

  • Collaborating with the articles´ review.
  • Inviting high quality researchers to participate as reviewers to ensure the quality and appropriate evaluation of the articles.
  • Collaborating in the planning of REICE.

Monographs numbers of REICE may have a Guest Coordinator. His/her main responsibilities are:

  • Writing down the call for papers.
  • Invite researchers of recognized prestige in the subject of monographic to prepare articles.
  • Suggesting specific researchers for the review of the articles.
  • Collaborating with the Editor by sending the original papers for their evaluation.
  • Writing down the presentation of the thematic section and indicating the order in which the articles are to be published.


REICE publishes 4 numbers to the year: January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st.

The period of publication of the numbers is January-March, April-June, July-September and October-December.


REICE provides immediate open access to its content, based on the principle that offer the public free access to research support to a greater global exchange of knowledge.

The sending, editing or publication of the manuscript involves no cost to the authors.

To guarantee the maximum diffusion of the contents, REICE publishes on Facebook and Twitter the publication of the issues of the Journal: and  @Rev_REICE.


All authors should send the Letter of originality, conflict of interest and assignment of copyright signed.

Papers published in this Journal are subject to the following terms:

1. REICE retains property rights (copyright) published works, and encourages and allows the reuse of the same under the license indicated in point 2.

2. The works are published in the online edition of the Journal under a Creative Commons Reconocimiento-NoComercial-SinObraDerivada 4.0 Spain. You can copy, use, distribute, transmit and publicly display, provided that: i) the authorship and the original source of publication (magazine, editorial and URL of the work) is acknowledged; ii) not used for commercial purposes; iii) mentioned the existence and specifications of this license.

3. Conditions of self-archiving. is allowed and the authors are encouraged to electronically disseminate versions pre-print (version before being evaluated) and / or post-print (assessed version and accepted for publication) of their works prior to publication, as it encourages its circulation and earlier and thus a possible increase in your citation and scope between the academic community outreach.


The names and email addresses entered in REICE will be used exclusively for the purposes set out in it and not be provided to third parties or use for other purposes.


REICE only publishes original and unpublished manuscripts.

In case any article was already published or in case the editorial committee detect plagiarism in whole or in part of the manuscript, the paper will be remove. In its commitment to originality, REICE uses the TURNITIN anti-plagiarism tool.

REICE adheres to the international code of ethics of the Committee on Publication Ethics-COPE "Code of Conduct and the Best Practices Guidelines for Journals Editors". The authors are expected to comply with ethical research standards, including:

Authors are expected to adjust to ethical research standards, such as:

  • While describing experiments that were developed with human beings, authors must indicate if the procedures were carried out according to the Committee of Human Experimentation Ethical Standards´ (in their institutional or regional version), and to the Helsinki Declaration dated 1975 and reviewed in 2000. Real names, initials or hospital numbers must never be used.
  • Have permission to publish by the institution that funded the research.
  • The authors are responsible for obtaining the corresponding permits to reproduce partial material (such as tables, texts or figures) from other publications and cite their source.
  • REICE expects the authors to declare any commercial association that may induce a possible conflict in relation to the article.

The list of signing authors should only include people who have contributed intellectually to the paper. Those who have helped with data recollection or participated in any special process are not supposed to sign as authors. In general, in order to be included as such certain requirements should be taken into account:

The list of signing authors should only include people who have contributed intellectually to the paper. Those who have helped with data recollection or participated in any special process are not supposed to sign as authors. In general, in order to be included as such certain requirements should be taken into account:

  • Participation in the conception and development of the work that resulted in the final article.
  • Participation in writing and revision processes of the text.
  • Approval of the final version that will be published.

Authors must attach to the manuscript the Letter of originality, conflict of interests and assignment of copyright provided by the REICE fully completed with their data and signed.

The Journal will not take any responsibility for published material. Neither REICE nor RINACE guarantee or support any product announced in the Journal, or the statements implied by the producer of the service or product. All judgments and opinions expressed in the articles and communications published by the Journal belong to the authors and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the Editorial Committee.