2019 - Vol. 13, Num. 1  

Inclusive Education in El Salvador. A Reflection from the Educational Policies

  Cristina Aracely Muñoz Morán

Therefore, this review article aims to analyze the current state of educational policies related to inclusion in El Salvador, based on different considerations such as current legislation, the meaning of educational exclusion, the multiple causes of educational problems, cooperation among sectors, the influence of context or the transformation of school practices. Then, this analysis presents an ethical-philosophical reflection on the importance of the recognition of the person in educational policy as an element that promotes the synergy between inclusion, equity and social justice.

  Key words  

Right to education; Educational policy; Social inequality; Participation; El Salvador.

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Muñoz Morán, C. A. (2019). Educación inclusiva en El Salvador. Una reflexión desde las políticas educativas [Inclusive education in El Salvador. A reflection from the educational policies]. Revista Latinoamericana de Educación Inclusiva, 13(1), 21-36.