2021 - Vol. 15, Num. 2  

Creation of a Collaborative Structure between Students, Teachers and Researchers: Impact on Teaching Improvement

  Cecilia Simón, Gerardo Echeita, Marta Sandoval and Mª José de Dios

The aim of the work presented here is to show the effectiveness of creating a structure for dialogue between students and teachers with the aim of improving teaching practices in order to ensure the presence, learning and participation of all learners without leaving anyone behind. This is an action-research project in which six primary schools have participated. Each school involved learners and teachers from different academic courses and subjects, with the voluntary participation of 18 teachers and 52 student researchers, with a total of 201 learners taking part in the study. The starting point was a model of "inclusive research" in which strategies for student participation as researchers and collaboration among teachers were incorporated. Information on the impact of the research lessons was collected through interviews, focus groups, classroom observation and questionnaires. The results show the effect of these strategies on teacher professional learning, on teachers' beliefs and attitudes towards student participation and on the students, themselves who have participated as researchers.

  Key words  

Inclusive practices; Teacher professional learning; Student researchers; Teacher collaboration; Students’ voices.

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Simón, C. Echeita, G., Sandoval, M., & de Dios, M. J. (2021). Creación de una estructura colaborativa entre el alumnado, docentes e investigadores: Impacto en la mejora docente [Creation of a collaborative structure between students, teachers and researchers: Impact on teaching improvement]. Revista Latinoamericana de Educación Inclusiva, 15(2), 97-110.