An Experience of Evaluation in the E-Learning in Education. The Dialogue between Formative and Qualifying Evaluation

Eloiza da Silva Gomes de Oliveira, Vera Lúcia Cunha, Aline Pereira da Encarnação, Lázaro Santos, Rachel Alonso de Oliveira, Raquel da Silva Nunes


The text presents a case study accomplished by the team of the Studies of the Human Learning Laboratory, of the State of Rio de Janeiro University. It is treated of the students' learning evaluation in the Course of Pedagogy at Distance, in the curriculum component Supervised Apprenticeship. Offered in five of the six periods of the course, the Apprenticeship is developed through a model that conjugates formative and qualifying evaluations, becoming an interesting focus for this study. We discussed some concepts: learning evaluation, formative and qualifying modalities of learning evaluation; and the difficult task of evaluating in distance courses. The system of evaluation of the Apprenticeship foresees two evaluations at the distance, of diagnosis and formative character, and two evaluations witness, where the student will describe scenes of the apprenticeship daily, articulating them to the studied content. The formative aspect of the evaluation appears in the student progress indicators as the organization and study autonomy; the productive participation in the interaction with the tutors; the frequency to the ciberespace; the growth demonstrated in the handling of multimedia resources, among others. We concluded with the analysis of some evaluation results, showing the impacts of this evaluation system on the difficulties presented in the course, the repetition and the escape in the component curricular Supervised Apprenticeship. 

Key words

Learning evaluation; teachers' formation; supervised apprenticeship; formative and qualifying evaluation.

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Da Silva, E., Cunha, V., Pereira, A., Santos, L. Alonso, R. y Da Silva, R. (2007). Uma Experiência de Avaliação da Aprendizagem na Educação a Distância. O Diálogo entre Avaliação Somativa e Formativa. Revista Electrónica Iberoamericana sobre Calidad, Eficacia y Cambio en Educación, 5(2e), pp. 39-55. Cited (Date).