Vulnerability and Sexual Violence in the Context of an Inclusive School Thoughts about the Invisibility of a Person with Deficiency

Sexual violence is a crime that strikes all social classes, and appears quite frequently inside families. Punishment is provided by penal codes worldwide; nevertheless in most cases it is not denounced or prosecuted. Therefore the victim remains under the mercy of the aggressor and might develop problems at a social, school and relationship level.

Within victims of sexual abuse lie people with deficiencies, which are the focus of this article. In many case, abuse constitutes the source of the deficiency. Thus I believe that the vulnerability of people with a deficiency towards sexual violence have two main situations at their core a) an invisibility in a their strata and b) their deficient condition offers security to the aggressor, because he/she know the risk of being denounced is slim. With this in mind I pretend to bring the phenomena of sexual abuse against people with deficiencies to the debate about the development of inclusive education systems.

Key words

Deficiencies, sexual abuse, vulnerability, educational inclusion.

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Ferreira, W. (2008).Vulnerabilidade e Violencia Sexual no Cotexto da Escola Inclusiva: Reflexão sobre a Invisibilidade da Pessoa como Deficiéncia. Revista Electrónica Iberoamericana sobre Calidad, Eficacia y Cambio en Educación, 6(2), pp. 120-136. Cited (Date).