2020 - Vol. 9 Num. 3e
Special Issue: Consequences of the School Closures by Covid-19 on Educational Inequalities
Resist the Covid-19. Intersections in Education in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico
Evangelina Cervantes Holguín and Pavel Roel Gutiérrez Sandoval
Educational Segregation in Times of Pandemic: Balance of Initial Actions during Social Isolation by COVID19 in Argentina
Marisa Álvarez, Natalia Gardyn, Alberto Iardelevsky and Gabriel Rebello
The Pandemic Traces: The Stricken Right to Education
Guillermo Ramón Ruiz
Covid-19, Poverty and Chiapas’ Education: Analysis of Emerging’s Educational Programs
Yliana Mérida Martínez and Luis Alan Acuña Gamboa
Educational Policies in Times of Coronavirus: The Ideological Confrontation in Spain
Enrique Javier Díez-Gutiérrez and Katherine Gajardo Espinoz
The Digital Divide in Spanish Students in the Face of the Covid-19 Crisis
Mª Luisa Rodicio-García, Mª Paula Ríos-de-Deus, Mª José Mosquera-González and María Penado Abilleira
Educational Reflections for the postCovid-19. Remembering the Future
Ramón López Martín
Incidence of the State of Alarm on School Inequality of Adolescents within the Protection System in Galicia
Deibe Fernández-Simo, Xosé Manuel Cid Fernández and María Victoria Carrera Fernández
Educational Inequalities Derived from Covid-19 from a Feminist Perspective. Analysis of the Discourse of Madrid Education Professionals
Melani Penna Tosso, Mercedes Sánchez Sáinz and Cristina Mateos Casado
A Manifest in a Time of Pandemic: For a Communitarian, Sustainable, Intergenerational and Critical Education
Edgar Iglesias, Javier González-Patiño, José Luis Lalueza and Moisés Esteban-Guitart
School Closings and Socio-Educational Inequality in Times of Covid-19. An Exploratory Research in an International Key
Jorge Cáceres-Muñoz, Antonio Salvador Jiménez Hernández and Miguel Martín-Sánchez
Perception of the Impact of Covid-19 on Social Education Professionals Working with Minors
Alejandro Martínez-Pérez and Fernando Lezcano-Barbero
Covid-19, Education and Children’s Rights in Spain
Mª Ángeles Espinosa
What Can the Pandemic Outbreak Teach us about External Learning Assessment?
Nuno Miranda and Sónia Pereira
Psychosocial Characterization and Mental Health in Families of Chilean Students during Physical Isolation by Covid-19
Fabiola Sáez-Delgado, Constanza Olea-González, Javier Mella-Norambuena, Yaranay López-Angulo, Héctor García-Vásquez, Rubia Cobo-Rendón and Felipe Sepúlveda López
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